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Article I. Objective
Your goal is to have your team perform best across a number of statistical categories. After each day's games, all teams are ranked from first to last in each category, and points are awarded according to the order of finish. These rankings are based on the total of all stats earned by all active players over the course of the season. The points from each category are then totaled to determine an overall score and league and division ranking. The team that ends the season with the most points wins the NEFBL Championship Title.

Article II. Rosters
1. Each team will consist of 30 Major League players. There will also be 5 DL spots. A player has to be on a MLB team's DL to be eligible*. When a player is officially removed from the MLB team's DL, the owner of the player has two days to remove the player from the DL. If the two day period expires the commissioner will make the necessary adjustments.

*We will utilize an implementation of a virtual DL during September and until the end of the season. Our league owners are allowed to place any player that misses 5 games in a row or 8 out of ten games (all games must be in September) on a virtual dl that we will track in our forum. Players who miss 5 games in a row will be retroactively placed on a required 15 game DL. This means that after 10 games owners will be able to revaulate the player's injury. Then if the player meets the before mentioned qualifications then that player can remain on the dl for an additional 15 games. The 8 out of 10 games missed qualification will not be retroactive, it will be a 15 game requirement. Those players placed on the dl under this condition will be examined the same way mentioned above. Players that get healthy while on the dl have to be kept there. Also, the flip side is that owners aren't obliged to place qualified players on it. The use of the virtual dl is not a requirement. A player can be placed on the virtual dl if his season is without question over, like if a player has season-ending surgery. Immediate placement under this condition results in a season-long virtual dl stint.

Players can be retroactively placed onto the dl as long as they don't accumulate more than 10 games missed in a row. Placement onto the dl after 10 games missed results in an automatic placement of 15 games.

Teams are allowed to virtual dl players that are restricted (during September) and that are on the bereavement list or paternity leave (during the season). The restricted player must remain active on the 30 man roster in order to qualify. Bereavement/paternity players can be placed for as long as they're out and the same for restricted players. The one stipulation as far as time on the dl is concerned will be that as soon as a player comes back and plays one game then he must be picked up immediately thereafter. A player will become a free agent if not picked up after one game played. Please come to me before dropping anyone.

Players that are virtual dl'd through the end of the season must be reinserted onto their teams active roster for the offseason. Teams much drop players to make room for how many players that they placed onto the virtual dl if they exceed more than 5 DL spots. Teams can only protect up to 5 Yahoo dl and virtual dl players combined.

2. Teams are required to not fall behind the following amount of games at these positions: 35 G @ C, 20 G @ 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, UTIL, and 1700 IP @ P

3. There are 8 possible positions to fall behind in. Teams will lose a keeper in the upcoming season for each position they fall behind in. Each owner will be allowed to lose up to 3 keepers and on the 4th infraction they will be removed from the league.

4. The maximum games played and innings pitched will be enforced independently from Yahoo. Teams can't exceed the maximums. Starting Pitchers must have at least 5 ip available from their team's 1900 max in order to be started and relievers must have 1 ip each.

Article III Prospects
1. Players with less than 50 Innings Pitched or 130 At Bats are prospect eligible for the draft.
2. Players with prospect eligibility can be added to the prospect roster only during the draft.
3. Each drafted prospect will be allotted a MAXIMUM of 1200 at-bats, 400 innings pitched or 120 appearances, which ever comes first.
4. Once a player reaches the maximum, he automatically loses his prospect eligibility. At that point, the player will be removed from the prospect list (all GM's will be notified) and the player will have to be added to the active roster (if not already there). If the player is not added to the active roster within a two day window from the time of notification, the player will then be considered a free agent. Also, if the player is dropped from your active roster at anytime after losing prospect eligibility, the player is considered a free agent.
5. Teams that drop a protected prospect can't call up that player until 10 days have passed.
6. The prospect roster will increase by 10 each year via a prospect draft.
7. Owners can relinquish the rights to any prospect, with a maximum of TWO per season, thus allowing the owner to draft other prospect(s) to fill the void. If you choose to drop a prospect(s), you must notify the commissioner before, not during, the league draft.
8. Players must have a signed contract with a Major League team before they become available in the draft. No unsigned draft picks can be taken.
9. Players who have not been exposed to the prospect draft are not eligible to play. Free agents must be bypassed in the prospect draft first before they can be picked up as a free agent.
10. All picks must be made before the end of the draft when using the slot time format. The last pick will be given a maximum of ten minutes. Any picks not made before the end of the draft will be forfeited.

Article IV. Lineups
1. A team's lineup will consist of a C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, (3) OF, (3) UTIL, (5) SP, (6) RP, (2) P  (for which both RP's and SP's qualify) and (6) bench players.
2. Each team must maintain a minimum of 11 or a maximum of 16 pitchers on the roster at all times. A pitcher on the disabled list does not count towards the roster limits.
3. Teams will be locked for the next available day with a full slate of games and will immediately be dropped to the bottom of the waiver priority list if they exceed 16 pitchers.

Article V. Scoring
The following criteria will be used to determine team performance.
1. Composite Batting Average
2. Composite On-Base Percentage
3. Total Home Runs
4. Total Runs Scored
5. Total Runs batted in
6. Total Stolen bases
1. Total Wins
2. Total Saves
3. Total Holds
4. Total Strikeouts
5. Composite ERA
6. WHIP (Walks + Hits, divided-by innings pitched)
Article VI. IP/Game Limits
1. An entire pitching staff has a 1,900 innings pitched limit.
2. Each team must accumulate the MINIMUM of 1,700 innings pitched.  
4. Each Hitting Position has a 162 game limit.
5. NO stats will be compiled for players at positions which have reached the limits.

Article VII. Trades/Transactions
1. There will be no limits on how many trades an owner can make.
2. Owners are allowed to trade Major League players, prospects and draft picks. Prospect trades can be uneven...2 for 1, 3 for 1 etc.
3. Trades involving prospects and/or draft picks must be noted on the league forum and sent to the league via email.
4. If you choose to veto a trade, you must state your reasoning onto the NEFBL Forum. It will take at least five managers to oppose a trade before the commissioner will veto a trade. Owners will have 2 days to vote before a trade goes through. Once a trade goes through it is not reversible. The Commissioner has final say on all trades.
5. There is no transaction limit.
6. A player with prospect eligibility that is added to the major league roster through free agency CAN NOT be added to the prospect roster.
Article VIII. League Draft
1. Every year there will be at least a 10-round prospect draft.
2. The draft order will be determined by the Final Standings of the previous season. 1st place picks last, 10th place picks first and so on. This order will be used for each round.
3. The commissioner will notify the league 3 to 4 weeks before the draft date.

Article 8. Keepers
1. After the completion of each prospect draft teams must designate 15 players that they would like to keep for the upcoming season.
2. Players who remain prospect eligible do not have to be kept in order to retain their rights for the following season.
3. League will run a 15 round free agent draft each year.
4. The worst team will pick first every round.

Article IX. League Fees/Prizes
1. $45.00 per team (The two expansion teams are exempt from the League Fee & Prize monies for the 2007
2. $275.00 1st place overall NEFBL Champion
3. $100.00 2nd place
4. $075.00 3rd place

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